UK’s Dave Wyatt Badly Burned In House Fire UPDATED

Progess Updates

I went to see Dave Wyatt in Hospital yesterday (8/5/09). It was 12 days since I saw him last – what a difference these 12 days have made! Although still in the Burns Unit, he is no longer in an isolated ward with 2 dedicated carers and under sedation. Instead, he is a small ward of 6 beds (although he was the only patient there at this time) and now without the need of constant bedside monitoring. I am delighted to say that he was propped up in bed, awake, alert and conversant. Yes it was much more like the Dave Wyatt we know and love (or something like that). This was also the first day since being in hospital (about 4 weeks) that he has been able to eat food by himself using cutlery. Dave and I talked for about 40 minutes and during all this time he showed no sign of tiredness. He was crystal clear in his thinking (I don’t think he was before the fire) and talked about what had happened, his excellent care in hospital, the wonderful support that Sons of the Desert have given him (he is now able to read the cards etc that have been sent to him), the Statute Unveiling, the UK Convention and discussed a few things in the future. He seems pretty focused on the important thing in getting himself fit and is philosophical about any loses that he has suffered. After all this time of being confined to his bed, he tried to walk today but, not surprisingly, found that he wasn’t able to do so. He will be having physiotherapy to literally get him back on his feet over the next week or so. The burns are on his back but appear to be healing well and they were not causing Dave any discomfort as such.

It does appear to me that it is not always easy for casual visitors to turn up at the Burns Unit and visit Dave, so I strongly
recommend that if you intend to visit Dave at the moment, you check with the hospital. (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road,London 020 8746 8000). cards and Get Well messages can also be sent to the hospital.

As previously circulated, the Sons at the UK Convention in Ulverston last week, have set up a Fund to help support and off-set some of Dave’s personal losses that he suffered in the fire. We don’t yet know the extent of what he has lost, but it is certain that he will have lost some of the film collection that he has gathered and shared with other Sons at Conventions, Tent meeting and other events. The Fund stands at £680 at the moment and we will pass this onto Dave
at the appropriate time. If you wish to make a financial contribution please send cheques
payable to:- ‘Dave Wyatt Fire Fund’ to Roger Robinson, 115 Neil Armstrong Way, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS95UE

If you have any items that you wish to donate to Dave or access to rare/unususal footage etc, then please let me know and I will collate a list and, if need be, arrange to have copies made. My contact details 01702 526187

Finally, ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has supported Dave at this time. He is on the mend – so beware he may be back in circulation in not too many months!!!

Roger Robinson