4.30pm – Mingle with the other guests and perhaps browse the memorabilia stall in the foyer.

 5.00pm – ‘BATTLE OF THE CENTURY’ (classic silent short with Laurel & Hardy)

 5.30pm – ‘BIG BUSINESS’ (silent short with Laurel & Hardy and James Finlayson)

 6.00pm – Opening Ceremony by Grand Sheik Ross Owen.

 6.10pm – ‘TOWED IN THE HOLE’ (Hilarious short with Laurel & Hardy)

 6.30pm – Introducing… our special guests.

 7.00pm – ‘MANHATTAN MONKEY BUSINESS’ (short talkie with Charley Chase & James Finlayson)

 7.30pm – 20 MINUTE INTERVAL

 7.50pm – Prize Draw

 8.00pm – ‘THE BOHEMIAN GIRL’ (Full length feature film starring Laurel & Hardy)

 9.30pm – Ross brings the evening to a close

Grand Sheik Ross Owen

Grand Sheik Ross Owen

Here’s a copy of the ORIGINAL programme from the opening night at The Regal Cinema in 1936

(photo courtesy of Mike Lee)